Your train dreams may be answered soon thanks to the new governor in Illinois.

Ok, so I'm not great at politics and the like but when I saw that the Chicago Tribune was chatting up the possibility of a train from Rockford to Chicago, I was super interested.

Then I was reminded that this story isn't new, that it's definitely something I saw in the news a few years ago.

According to the Tribune story, the Black Hawk train ran from Rockford to Chicago until 1981, and J.B. Pritzker might be the key to getting that train running again.

There's a similar story in the Quad Cities, with the old Rock Island Rocket train that ended service in the 1970s.

While the Tribune article continues discussing the possibilities, the story ends with, 'we're just being patient,' so who knows when and if these trains will appear, but here's to hoping for it!

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