Anyone who stepped outside yesterday (Tuesday) got a real rude awakening; sure, from the comfort of your desk it looked nice and sunny, almost a little warm outside, but the second you stepped outside, it was a huge slap to the face- mostly with your hair that always seems to stick to your lip gloss on really windy days. It's the worst.

Well, almost. Nothing is worse than being a light weight in windy conditions. Just ask Rock River Driver, Corey Shipman, who at 5'1 and a 1/2", nearly blew down Eggleston Road.

Rock River Disposal Rockford
Corey Shipman via Facebook

His buddy and co-worker, Mike Peterson, captioned the photo and said, "You know it's a windy day when the smallest guy you work with has issues staying on the ground. Whatever you do, don't let go Corey Shipman."

Corey followed it up by saying,

Windy AF
Corey Shipman

Bonus Video

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