Watching the solar eclipse was super fun yesterday, but we're not the only ones getting an eclipse this year and your used glasses could come in handy.

Yesterday's 2024 solar eclipse was the third in my lifetime. I got the chance to see my first solar eclipse in 1994 when I was in first grade, another chance in 2017 here at 97ZOK and I stood outside with my Good Day Stateline co-workers yesterday to take in the 'once in a lifetime' experience... or thrice in a lifetime.

Even though we won't see another eclipse here in Illinois for another twenty years, there will be more eclipses across the world including in Mexico this October.

Why does that matter?

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Because, all of those solar eclipse glasses you're about to toss in the garbage could live another life if you send them to Mexico.

Better yet, just drop them off at Earth Zero Waste in downtown, Rockford.

Earth Zero Waste is a boutique on West Jefferson Street that helps bring environmental awareness to Rockford and they only sell products that are earth-conscious.

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The team at Earth Zero Waste posted on Facebook that they will be collecting used solar eclipse glasses and they'll send them to Mexico for you!

All you need to do is bring them to the store by April 20.

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Earth Zero Waste is open from 10am until 6pm Tuesday-Sunday at 327 West Jefferson Street in Rockford.

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