Well, it got pretty cold here fast this year. A couple days of Fall weather and then right into Winter. According to Weather.com, the chilling temperatures and snow we've seen in November are helping to raise the odds of us having a really cold winter here in Rockford. In November, The US has had some of the most expansive snow cover in about three years. This cold snap is mostly because of a jet stream plunge in the central United States.

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The winter air is much colder, much sooner this year and overall trends lean towards a much colder than average Winter in the eastern part of the United States. The harsher part of winter this year will be in the second half. A huge piece of the Northeast and the great lakes will experience far below average temperatures around February.


With a weak polar vortex expected, you need to make sure that you're ready for the cold winter ahead. One thing we can hope for is that we don't break the winter low-temperature record here in Rockford that happened on January 10th, 1982.