Totally unconfirmed but the reception has to be at the food court. It only makes sense, right?

According to the CherryVale Mall, Rockford residents Ken Mahnke and Donna Swanson, are getting hitched at the mall this weekend.

The press release says Swanson and Mahnke "re-connected in October 2013" at CherryVale. The happy couple has known each other since 2002.

The Rockford mall wedding is totally bizarre and we love it. Sure, you've got questions. Here are the answers:

  • Yes, Swanson and Mahnke did indeed get engaged at CherryVale Mall
  • The wedding is of course, at Center Court.
  • And yes, you can totally go. Everyone is invited, Saturday, March 2 at 1 p.m.

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