Wanna get your man's attention? Ask him if he knew that Dunkin' Donuts had heart shaped and brownie batter filled donuts for Valentine's Day. Not only will he listen to you at that very moment, but you pretty much already know that you're guaranteed to get some on Valentine's Day.

According to Foodbeast, DD's newest creations for VD is a chocolate covered raspberry donut and the brownie batter crumble heart donut.

The raspberry donut will ooze a delicious, tart, raspberry filling and be covered in chocolate frosting and drizzled with strawberry icing; and the brownie batter crumble will gush a brownie buttercream filling; be slathered in chocolate icing and topped off with a strawberry flavored drizzle.

Here's the best part, they're not just offered on Valentine's Day; they'll be available until the end of February...in fact, the Rockford locations have them already.

Just take a look at all this tastiness.

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