We won't be having a huge celebration in downtown Rockford this weekend for the 4th of July, but you will be able to catch some red, white and blue on TV. 

If you asked my dad what he likes to do on the 4th of July, he would say, 'stay home and watch fireworks on TV.'

For the bulk of my childhood that's what we did.

Now, there's firecracker story that happened well before I was born that initiated the TV watching fireworks tradition, but at least for 2020 my dad has the right idea.

WTVO thought so too!

It will be packed with patriotic interviews and fireworks!

Where are the fireworks coming from? They will be re-airing last year's downtown fireworks starting at 9:30.

So if you want to celebrate while you're staying at home, you absolutely can, just turn on your TV.

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