If you remember, the Rockford Flag Campaign was launched in 2017.  The goal behind the campaign was to help unite the city and give them something to rally behind and be proud of.  Around December they started taking submissions for drawings of the future flag.  Everyone was then given the opportunity to vote on what design they liked best.  And then things got silent for a while.

The Rockford Flag Campaign announced on its Facebook page Friday,

“We moved too quickly and failed to set up a strong coalition between important partners. We want to apologize for not being able to deliver on this community project.”

But don't lose hope!  The campaign members want to reassure everyone that they are still very determined to establish a flag for the city and hope the project can gain more momentum in the future.

Flag Campaign member Tyler Yonantas said,

“The biggest thing right now is we’re hoping to return to it if possible,”  “We really don’t have an estimated time.”

Well, I guess now it's just a waiting game.  Until then try rallying around something else that all of Rockford can relate to, like potholes or something.

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