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Turns out, Rockford folks are doing things at home they haven't done in years.

We went to Facebook to ask, specifically, what things they're doing. Here are the best responses.

Definitely eating way too much food! But I’ve gotten things ready for a garage sale, deep cleaned the basement, and really really cleaned the rest of the house. - Kayla D.

Slept too much. - Renee

I’ve been working on a puzzle. - Katie

I learned how to video call!! (Older person here!!) - Debbie

We cleaned every single thing on the main floor of the house, my daughter and I moved all the furniture, vacuumed, scrubbed, dusted, trashed a ton of crap, the garbage man is not going to like us. - DeAnne

Two of the actions that stood out most come are this...

Made a baby. - Kevin



Nothing, holding this darn chair down. - Vickie

Here are more of your responses.


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