It's the first day of Spring and with warmer weather comes a lot of things that we love and missed so much during the winter months; green grass, warmer temps, lazy days on the river, day drinking on the patio and one of my favorites- food trucks.

I'm not quite sure when my obsession with food trucks began but I love them; if there's one nearby, I'm making it a point to eat there.

Sit down places are nice but there's something to be said about being able to meet the person who's making your food; food that they obviously take a lot of pride in because they care enough about us as consumers to bring it to us on the streets of Rockford.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting James, owner of 15th and Chris, and he speaks about his burger business with so much passion and enthusiasm that I found myself kind of sad that he didn't have a burger for me at that very moment; I was ashamed to admit that I'd never even been to his place. That's when it happened, that's when he told me they have a food truck that operates all year long.

"I'm always going to other cities, places where food trucks are, and people love these unique things. I wanted to bring that aspect to my hometown — have other people come to our city and love it and want to come back."

James and Latasha are ready to bring their mouth watering burgers to downtown Rockford, the Forest City's parks, special events, corporate events; even your parking lot or driveway. I asked.

A few more food trucks are prepping for spring and summer, too. The Commissary and Cooley's Cooler will also be making appearances at City Market, local farmers markets and local businesses. You can expect to see them around town beginning in April.

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