The Rockford Icehogs had a lot to celebrate on Friday night, especially goalie Jaxson Stauber who added his name to AHL history with a minute left in the game. 

There was something special in the air on Friday night at the BMO Center, Swiftie magic, one might say, and goaltender Jaxson Stauber would probably agree.

Friday night was 'Eras Night' at the Rockford Icehogs game. Fans were encouraged to dress in their favorite Taylor Swift gear, trade a friendship bracelet or two and hit the BMO for a fun night of hockey and Swift's biggest hits.

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Rockford Swifties understood the assignment. There were Taylor fans everywhere including tending the goal for the Rockford Icehogs.

Goalie Jaxson Stauber is the team's resident Swiftie, which could be how he ended up making history during the game. You always hear Taylor has magical powers right? Maybe she sent Stauber some magic to add his name to AHL record books.

Here's what happened.

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Not only did Stauber keep the Chicago Wolves to a big fat zero (you know, a shutout), but with just one minute left in the game, the Icehogs goalie managed to SCORE A GOAL.

Yeah, from the other side of the ice.

He is now the only AHL player to ever have a goal and a shutout in the same game. Ever.

I have a feeling Jaxson will remain a Swiftie for quite a while after that one. Congrats!

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