Yesterday, while many of you were spending time with your children, hunting for Easter eggs and eating brunch, one man, who was responsible for the death of a child, was being released from prison.

According to WREX, 62-year-old Richard Howard, was released from the Dixon Correctional Facility, after only serving 18 years of a 45 year prison sentence.

Howard was found guilty of first degree murder after beating his girlfriend's daughter, 22-month old Carrie Lynn Gaines to death and concealing her death for more than 5 years.

He will be on supervised release until 2021 at an unknown residence.

I wish I had more details about the reasoning behind his release, I know laws have changed since he was convicted and since the crime took place.

If you ask me, anyone who murders a child should never be released; in fact, I'm surprised he even survived.  Perhaps I watch too much TV, but I always thought that baby killers didn't really last long in prison.

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