One of the great things about McDonald's is that you know exactly what you're going to get every time you roll through.

At this point, it's a joke. Like, you've been here a 1,000 times, do you really need to stare at the menu to figure out what you want to eat?

It's that kind of thing that people like myself and other really like about McDonald's. So when something changes, we get a little nervous.

Well McDonald's fans, get nervous, because a Mickey D's menu mainstay is going away very soon.

MSN says McDonald's "Franchises nationwide will start phasing out the popular beverage starting on May 1 through July. After July, all locations will stop carrying Hi-C Orange Lavaburst."

Rockford McDonald's Is Discontinuing This Popular Menu Item
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In it's place a new Sprite drink called Sprite TropicBerry where MSN says it will "only be served at McDonald’s restaurants in partnership with the chain’s deal with Coke."

Who knows, maybe it will be better than Hi-C Lavaburst? Are you upset about the news? What's your favorite McDonald's drink?

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