Raise your hand if you've seen these headlines:

"Rockford Named One of the Least Educated Cities in Illinois"

"According to a New Study, Rockford is the Most Dangerous City in Illinois"

"New Study Reveals that People are Leaving Rockford in Record Numbers"

"Rockford Makes List of Top 10 Most Miserable Cities in Illinois"

We've all seen them and we all love to commiserate over the negative hype, but deep down, Rockford really is a gem and if you take the time to appreciate everything the city has to offer, then it's really not all that bad.

In fact, according to Only In Your State, the Forest City is one of the "Most Beautiful Cities in Illinois You'll want to Explore that Aren't Chicago."

The popular travel ranked it at #2 out of 12 saying,

"Illinois' third largest city is a bit closer at 90 miles outside Chicago. Regardless, the gardens, festivals, and museums will make you feel far from all that. This city celebrates river life at its best and is a lovely place for shopping and dining or boating and walking.

Just take a look:

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