While the Hanley Furniture building burned in downtown Rockford this past Sunday, the future of one of it's tenants was presumably up in smoke.

However there's good news for Christopher Tyson from C. Tyson Photography. His studio was affected by the fire on Sunday, but it looks like it's going to be OK.

According to his Facebook post, "after a last minute court hearing over the demolition of the building that the property owners were fighting, we are being told that at 7am tomorrow morning the Hanley building will proceed with demolition with the hopes of being completed by the 4th of July."

That means the fire ravaged building surrounding Tyson's studio will come down while his will remain in tact. The initial fear was the studio space that Tyson and his business partner, Elizabeth, built together would be reduced to rubble.

Tyson who was at his studio the day of the fire says his work was "interrupted by the Rockford Fire Department" telling him he "had 2 minutes to get out." Tyson says on Facebook, "Trying (to) grab what critical gear and hard drives under that stress was every photographers nightmare." It was only until Tyson and Elizabeth were out of the building they saw "just how big this fire was."

While those two minutes might have been a few of the scariest in Tyson's life, the groundswell of support he received from other businesses may have saved his studio.

Local Rockford businesses coming together to help each other out? Picture that.

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