You never stop learning. In my case, I learned a lesson on the 4th of July.

No, it wasn't a fireworks mishap, it was ceiling fan installation.

Small backstory, I grew up in apartments for most of my life. Changing light fixtures and messing with electrical was never part of my upbringing.

Installing new ceiling fans is something completely new to me. I've installed three in the past few years and shockingly, none have come crashing on to my head.

After installing yet another ceiling fan yesterday (I know amazing 4th of July) I caught this little nugget in the owners manual.


What? The ceiling fan is designed to go both ways? Depending on which way the ceiling fan runs it can create warm or cold air. That's something I didn't know.


I simply flicked the switch, because out of the box this particular ceiling fan was designed to push air upward.


Who knew? You really are never too old to learn something new. Even on the 4th of July. Even when fireworks aren't involved.

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