For one Rockford restaurant server, it's a joy having so many people back inside area restaurants, but a couple things need to be addressed.

Now that the Restore Illinois plan is in the 'Bridge Phase", restaurants are able to allow more diners inside. While we're starting to return to our favorite places in large numbers, it's a completely different story for restaurant staff.

A couple months into the covid pandemic, restaurants began laying off employees, in order to keep from going bankrupt. Carryout and curbside service just wasn't enough revenue to keep operating like normal. Many of those laid-off employees either found other jobs or started collecting unemployment. This is making it very difficult for restaurants to grow their staff back to pre-pandemic level. From what I've been hearing, those unemployment benefit checks are larger than what a lot of area restaurants are paying.

I say all that to give you a little perspective on why this server's letter is important. I'm sure there are other restaurant employees who share the same feelings

Rockford Restaurant Server’s Open Letter to Those Returning to Eating Out

I’m not one to post things like this: but a quick PSA to those going out to eat:
My friends and I are getting a little emotionally exhausted when people are getting frustrated with us personally when, food takes too long, it’s not right, or my favorite “you have open tables, why are we on a wait?” The answer to that to those whom are wondering:
Because there is only 2-3 of us, (assuming no one calls off) we can’t give the good service everyone deserve if we just fill up all at once. I take pride in not only getting someone’s order right but doing it fast and making a connection with anyone whom is placed in my section. I absolutely love people genuinely and I never want to hear about anyone not having a great experience when you come in to “The Pepper Palace.” Grace is a real thing. Retail and restaurant employees need that right now.

Also, something that’s been on my heart lately too and I’m sorry I’m complaining so much just keep on scrolling if it’s too much. I won’t blame you. Lol.

But: I understand that we all have had rough service at restaurants, it’s annoying and we pay good money for food and to relax. But lately I’ve had people shoot me messages or stop me and say “Hi Alex! Oh the other day I was at your place of employment and service was just *insert negative comments* you should work everyday” I know that comes from the heart of those who just love when I take care of them but what I hear is “I don’t deserve a day off.” Or “I control everything that happens” by nature, I am a “people pleaser” so for me, it makes me feel like I have to fix the issue. And I can’t all the time, I’m JUST a server. I’m not higher up from someone whose been hired for 11 days or 11 years. And chances are, the server you’re talking about is a friend of mine, I love the people I work with, so please don’t bash on them to me. I can’t give you your money back, I can’t take your experience back, I love to listen, but just know I’m always going to have the servers back.

Again I’m sorry for this big rant it probably looks tacky on my end but I just needed to get this off my chest."


Kindness always matters. 

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