We've all seen them- television commercials with beautiful women in their 20's, donning a white bikini while frolicking on the beach with a hunky guy in board shorts, she's got a big smile on her face and...plot twist- her period.

How does she do that? It's her maxi pad, of course. This unicorn of a woman won't let her period get in the way of her fun in the sun; and with this Pasadena Pool Float...I mean feminine hygiene product, she'll stay clean and dry all day long.

And you could too, except the Pasadena Pool Float (pictured above) is completely sold out in the Rockford area.

After seeing this photo on Facebook, I asked a friend of mine, who manages a local Walmart if her store was selling any; she informed me that they weren't, but Sam's Club was.  I immediately called the store to see if they had any in stock, but was left with a feeling of disappointment.

The Rockford Sam's Club was selling the now internet-famous pool float but they were completely sold out. The manager I spoke with said they had one customer return theirs but it wasn't available for purchase (they probably returned it after being uninvited to their neighbors next pool party because their floating device sucked all the water out of the pool at the last party.)

When I asked if they'd be getting any more, they said "no" because they're no longer ordering summer supplies; they're only ordering things for the upcoming school year. Boooo.

If you'd still like to get one, you know, for those monthly pool cleanings, they're available on Amazon.

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