Just because you won't be in the same room as Katy Perry, doesn't mean you can't sing with her. 

American Idol is doing their best to create a new season for all of us in 2021, despite the fact that the audition process has to be virtual.

Once upon a time I worked in L.A. on American Idol for Hollywood Week, and while that was an INTENSE experience for the crew and Idol hopefuls, I wonder if auditioning from home is more or less stressful?

You'd like to think being at home you might be more comfortable? But you also have to make sure your little brother doesn't come in during your audition.

Idol held city specific virtual auditions earlier this year, but they just announced that there are having one more day for everyone, tomorrow, October 28

Anything can happen in 2020, maybe this is your shot!

Please let us know if you make it on the show!

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