There's a lot happening at the Rockford Target including some major changes at the Starbucks in the store.

While I spent most of my Sunday laying on the couch, I did leave for one hour to go to Target, which included a stop at the Starbucks in the E. State Street store.

After debating if I should order a hot or cold coffee (it really was a very exciting day) I ordered a Venti Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte.

When the barista handed me my drink, I went to get a straw when he told me I didn't need one.

There was a new lid on my cup and my mind was blown.

Whoooooooa, I didn't need a straw.

In an effort to reduce garbage, Starbucks has eliminated the need for straws in their iced coffee with this newfangled triangular opening.

At first I didn't believe it would work, but I managed to finish my whole latte without that straw, and you know what? The drink lasted way longer too because I didn't suck it down.

When you think about how many Starbucks drinks will be sold this summer, it's a pretty big impact for them to ditch the straws.

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