I know it feels like we've already celebrated this "national day" at least once this year, if you don't celebrate it everyday, but this Thursday, April 7th, is National Beer Day. And this year, you should make plans to celebrate at one of the top beer spots in Illinois, which just happens to be right here in Rockford; in fact it's at the top of the list.

According to the Illinois Office or Tourism, The Olympic Tavern is a "must with 25-plus draft selections and lively events throughout the week." They left out one of the best and most important things- the flourless dark chocolate cake, which is amazing and goes really well with the Boulevard Chocolate Ale with Raspberry.

This Thursday at The Olympic, should you choose to celebrate National Beer Day, is Session Beer Day, and while you're there make sure to tell Zack that Mandy sent you. Zack is a beer aficionado who can tell you any and everything about all the beers they offer and he's great at making recommendations based on your tastes.

Need some other places to celebrate National Beer Day? Check out the best breweries within 30 minutes of Rockford by clicking the link below.



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