Missed connections are happening every single day and this one doesn't even come from Craigslist, it comes from Courtney!

When your heart stutters, you need to find the guy who made that happen!

Every week for at least three years I've been combing through the missed connections section of Rockford's Craigslist looking for a story to share with you.

Today though, Courtney sent me a message on Facebook and that's the story we're sharing.

Courtney writes:

So I'm not going to place an ad but I'm going to tell you about the man of my dreams. I went to the gas station, no make up and in in ridiculous comfy close. The man I. Front of my was wiping of hair. I joked and said, "you like like me wiping my dogs hair off of me every morning." He proceeded to tell me he got a new puppy. I said happy dogs day!! We talked about his y low lab for a minute. He's 9 weeks old. I said I'd love to see him!! He pointed at the other side of the gas station and said something like he's right out there. I took some time and then walked out. Pumped my gas and McDreamy was still waiting for me....with the most gorgeous yellow lab puppy....so Michelle...I didn't ask for his name or anything. I was so shocked he waited for me to me malva. Please help me. My name is courtney. He has abla k for fusion, very tall, kind of shaved head, dreamy blue eyes. He made my heart stutter.

Are you the hot guy with blue eyes and a yellow lab puppy! Courtney wants to meet again! This encounter happened at the end of August.

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