Emily Sotakoun is making waves in Rockford with Project F 2019.

It's not every day someone takes time to raise money for teenage girls who need some help. But this week, that has been happening every day for Emily Sotakoun.

Emily started Project F 2019 last week with hopes of collecting donations of tampons, pads and other feminine hygiene products for young girls in the Stateline.

She started this project for many reasons, for those who can't afford them, for those who don't have a support system to help them with this life change, and because it's something small she could do to make a difference in someone's day or life for that matter.

Project F 2019 lives on Facebook where Emily has already surpassed her initial fundraising goal of $500.

Help me help young girls in Rockford get through this new school year a little bit easier! First, Project F provides feminine care packages to young females in the local Rockford area transition into the next stage in their life this school year. Project F also provides these care packages for local organizations who provide for women in need.

I’m accepting:
$ donations
makeup bags
ipsy bags
underwear liners
feminine wipes
mini hand sanitizers


Every person who donates will get a personal shoutout from me on multiple social media platforms!

If you would rather donate any items listed, please message me!


She's had so many donations already and while I've known Emily for a few years (she used to be our intern at 97ZOK) I've actually received messages from strangers about how we needed to shine some light on her efforts.

You can donate cash or products to Emily by visiting the Project F 2019 Facebook page.

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