As you sit down with your family this Thanksgiving and go around the table, sharing what each of you is thankful for this holiday season, I want you to remember to be thankful for our brothers and sisters in blue.

Officers from all over the Stateline will be busy protecting and serving our communities....not turkey...on Thanksgiving day, and we're so grateful for their service.

Women in Loves Park are especially thankful for their police force after the department shared an "No Shave November" update on their Facebook page.

Some of the best comments include:

  • "Dang they need to donate one of them hot cops to me"
  • "Loves parks protected by the hottest cops."
  • "Wow they are better looking than Cherry Valley cops!!"
  • "When do the calendars go on sale? lol"
  • "A good looking group of guys! I bet the single ladies are finding trouble tonight!"

Thank you, LPD, for your service; stay safe and keep warm.

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