McDonald's may have just realized the best way to win the fast food war; give their customers plenty of food and make it inexpensive.

That's because the Dollar Menu is back and it's supposed to be similar to the way it used to be.

The new Dollar Menu will charge $1, $2 and $3 per item. According to NBC 5 Chicago, McDonald's profits "rose 4.1% at existing locations during the third quarter, thanks to $1 soft drinks, coupons on its app and a two-for-$5 promotion called McPick 2."

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The original Dollar Menu, that went away in 2014, contained the McDouble, four-piece Chicken McNuggets and sweet tea drinks.

A date has yet to be announced for the revival of the Dollar Menu which is a favorite among Rockford residents. However, People says we should expect "an early-2018 rollout across the country."

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