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Our "Hometown Heroes" Cheap Trick have released their 20th album last week called "In Another World."

Cheap Trick does the theme song for the "Colbert Report" so it was the perfect way to promote the release of their new album.

While some rock bands that began their journey in the 1970's....the options are no new albums, or releasing new material that is a shadow of what they could once do. Not with Rockford's Cheap Trick. The band the once release the song "On Top of the World" truly has captured that Cheap Trick sound with "In Another World."

The album is polished, it's poppy, and the guitar riffs are iconic and Rick Nielsen "legendary" in 2021. To be inside the brain of Rick when he is composing a guitar solo, and going "hot damn, there's ANOTHER hooky riff I created...that's down right insane to me.

You will get all original material except for one track...Cheap Trick does an emotion filled version of John Lennon's "Gimme Some Truth." Did you know that Rick Nielsen missed the birth of a son, to jam with John Lennon? The Beatles love is deep, and you can hear it in this cover.

As I continue to ooze my love for this record, let's talk vocals for a moment. Tell me a rock and roll singer that in a normal year pulls off 200+ gigs, and have been a road dog since the 70's that can sing like Robin? Tell me a current singer that can do this? The answer is no one.

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