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He's a record breaking Rockford Lutheran alumni, he's one of the best Illinois State running backs of all time, and now he's a finalist for NFL rookie of the year.

James Robinson defied the odds and took his rookie season with the Jacksonville Jaguars to historic levels. James made NFL history as a rookie, most scrimmage yards by an undrafted rookie 1357 which obviously put him past that 1000 mark.

While Rockford seems all about the Fred VanVleet bandwagon, which is cool...Sign this guy up for the James Robinson fan club. I had a chance to see him twice in high school, bit kinda lost him in the shuffle at Illinois State. Watching his first NFL season as an undrafted rookie was so much fun, what a talented and humble young man...Check out this interview with James Robinson on "Good Morning NFL."

Did you miss this Rockford native's rookie season in the NFL? Check out this 2020 highlight package, wow!

Fingers crossed that James wins the NFL rookie of the year, you can VOTE HERE.  What an amazing year that he had, undrafted and historic.

Finally, if you want to support Rockford Lutheran's James Robinson, he has his own line of apparel that you can purchase. go to ShopJRClothingCo and wear the "R" proudly wherever you go throughout Rockford.

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