A bad parking job can really pose a challenge for the car next to them. It's also a way of letting someone know you're in too much of a hurry to care if your parking will cause inconvenience to them. If there were a weekly award for horrible parking jobs, this person would pick up the win. Little did they know, their lack of parking skills would bring extra hassle for the driver of the Dodge - which had already been parked. It would also belong to a family with a child with special needs.

Bad Parking Job
Submitted Photo

It's probably safe to assume the driver of the GMC wouldn't have known the circumstances surrounding the families needs, but a bad parking job is a bad parking job. The owner of the Dodge had to carefully squeeze into their vehicle while trying not ding the poorly parked SUV with their door. If that weren't enough, the woman had to back her car into the aisle and park so her child of special needs could carefully get into the car, thus backing up traffic which caused hassle for other drivers, too. (And, yes, the Dodge didn't park perfectly either but at least managed to stick between the lines.)

When it was all said and done, one person's bad parking job (ie. white SUV) inconvenienced multiple families. A simple solution would have been to correct poor parking job before going into the store. Am I right? #askingforafriend

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