After being open for only six days in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, the Saved by the Bell pop-up diner, Saved by the Max, could be staying just a little bit longer. You would think that this is probably some sort of entrepreneurial ploy by Zack Morris that would never work because Belding found out, but this time it just might.

NBC Chicago popped in and they ran into Ed Alonzo, who played the diner's owner, Max, on the show and he was thrilled at the opportunity to be there for the opening week.

Right now, the diner is scheduled to be open until August 31st. However, if the demand is there, it could stay open a little bit longer; hopefully long enough for those who missed out the first time, to get one of those $35 dinner tickets. And unlike the real Max, while you're enjoying a cast themed dinner, like A.C. Sliders and Mac and Screech, you can have a cocktail or two; just make sure to save room for a signature milk shake.

So how much longer are we talking here? Derek Berry, the mastermind behind the diner says, "I think there's demand to stay open. How long? I'm not sure. You never want to milk something dry; I don't want to do this until we only have three people sitting at the diner bar."

Based on the general populations desire for nostalgia these days, I don't see that happening any time soon, but hopefully we'll get an answer soon as to if and how long Saved by the Max will be open.

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