People are making up so many new words and phrases poor Merriam Webster can barely keep up. The Scrabble dictionary was last updated 4 years ago, that was a whole different time in life, before Justin Bieber was married and Kylie Jenner was a mother. But Scrabble is trying it's best to stay hip. 'Twerk', 'emoji', and 'facepalm' kind of hip.

Along with appealing to younger players with words like that, they also added some words that people have been asking for... well, forever.  'Ok' and 'ew' are officially allowed.  The New York Times explains -

"The word “ok,” for example, is playable now because it has been lowercased in Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary."

Knowing a lot of two and three letter words is one of the best known ways to improve your scrabble score, especially towards the end of the game. So hold on to your seats Scrabble lovers, because they also added the term 'zen'.

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Some of my honorable mentions include, frowny, bestie, and zomboid.

Scrabble turns 70 this year, so I guess this is a gift in itself.  A full list of words added can be found here.

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