Sometimes to figure out where you're going, you need to explore where you've been. There is history available to explore in southern Illinois at a secluded cabin that happens to sit along the Trail of Tears in Shawnee Forest.

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I found this interesting cabin hosted by Mary and Tim on Airbnb. Here's a little of how they describe this cabin:

Stay in a hand made oak timber cabin, on the historical "Trail of Tears" in Union County, Illinois. This lodging offers the rustic appeal of an authentic cabin in the woods

See the pics of this off-the-beaten-path place in southern Illinois for yourself.

Secluded Illinois Cabin on the Trail of Tears in Shawnee Forest

The nightly cost as of this writing to commune with nature in this quiet part of Illinois is $187 per night. The hosts have even more details, updates and availability on their Airbnb listing if you're interested.

If you're not familiar, the Trail of Tears goes through the extreme southern tip of Illinois as the National Park Service shows on their website. It's the sad route that Native American tribes walked after they were driven out of their lands. Many perished along this route. History shared that this sad journey began in the winter of 1831.

The National Park Service has more details and history of this area on their site.

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