We are just one week and a day away from Rockford Day and there are tons of ways to celebrate, including a new one, the #815MiracleMile Selfie Tour.

Rockford Day, 815 Day, August 15, whatever you want to call next Thursday, it's coming and it's going to be packed with all kinds of Rockford fun.

Food specials, ticket deals, a Snoop Dogg concert at Rivets stadium and something new to add to our 815 list, the #815MiracleMile Selfie Tour.

From 8:15 a.m. until 8:15 p.m., stop by as many of the following businesses as you can and snap (and post) a selfie to be entered to win prizes from Miracle Mile Rockford.

  • 815 Blades, 3534 E State St, Hours 10a - 6p
    Azimuth Scuba, 4315 E State St, Hours 10a - 6p
    Broadway Florist, 4224 Maray Dr, Hours 7a - 5p
    Bygone Brand, 3600 E State, inside the mall, Hours 10a - 7p
    Circle of Wellness, 3600 E State St, Hours 8:30a - 7p
    Finials, 4626 E State St, Hours 10a -5p
    La Fiesta Candies, 3516 E State St, Hours 10a - 8p
    Lallygag Boutique, 4616 E State St, Hours 9a - 5p
    Mary's Market Cafe & Bakery, 4431 E State St location only, 7a - 8p
    MK Studio, 3923 E State St Suite 2, Hours 9a - 5p
    MYO Store, 312 N Alpine Rd, Hours 8a - 7p
    Parks Big & Tall, 314 N Alpine Rd, Hours 10a - 6p
    Petals & Pickin's, 4616 E State St, Hours 9a - 5p
    Quilters Haven, 4616 E State St, Hours 10a - 4p
    Randee's Music Center, 4116 Morsay Dr, Hours 10a - 6p
    Skipper's Natural & Fresh Cosmetics, 3808 E State St, 10a - 8p
    Sugar Jones, 3600 E State St, inside the mall, Hours 7a - 6p
    Tanhiti Sun Spa, 312 N Alpine Rd, Hours 8a - 7p
    Tricoci Univ of Beauty Culture, 5485 E State St, Hours 9:30a - 4p

Hey even if you don't win, you'll have some sweet selfie memories from our favorite fake holiday.

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