If you love supporting local businesses, now's the perfect time to jump into 815 Day!

Every year since I can remember, this has been a big day in the Stateline.  All across the Rockford area, 815 Day really celebrates the city, shopping local, and especially supporting small businesses!  Who's your favorite local business in the Stateline?  I'd have to say... Humble Bee Bakery based out of Machesney Park.

If you've never heard of this adorable bakery, where have you been?! I want to shed light on this local bake shop because the creations the owner makes are out of this world.  Never in a million years could I do what she does; her talent is incredible!  This year for 815 Day, the owner released a limited amount of Rockford-inspired cookies that you just have to see.


To start, check out her Rockford Peaches-inspired 815 cookies!  I would never want to eat it because it's too cute.  All the little details make this cookie just peachy!

Another (815) cookie Rebecca designed is this Illinois shaped one.  The parentheses are, of course, the most recognizable part of 815 Day.  It may be an area code beyond Rockford, but everybody knows its ties to the forest city!

To get even more hyper local, she is offering The Symbol in cookie form.  I've never seen someone get this creative before, It looks just like The Symbol at Sinnissippi!

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You can browse all of Humble Bee Bakery's 815 Day creations on her website.  She has a limited amount available and they're going fast.  Don't wait, support local!

On top of all the awesome 815 Day cookies, Rebecca has a bunch of back-to-school cookies for your kid's big first day of school this upcoming school year!

Wouldn't your kid be soooo excited to get a custom cookie in their lunchbox?!  I know I would've been so excited if my mom threw one in my lunch.  They're super affordable, too.

Take a look at all the pre-orders you can grab on Humble Bee Bakery's website just in time for the new school year!  It's right around the corner, so don't wait to order from this local bakery in the Stateline.  Oh, and happy 815 Day!

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