Why so serious? If I had a dollar for every time I've had someone say that to me. Apparently I can travel with a "serious" look on my face, I guess...But trust me, I have lots and lots to smile about. More now then ever before in my life, to be honest.

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So what do you say, we have a good laugh. It's good for you, it's healthy...Cracking a smile and laughing everyday can make you live longer too! I'm not totally sue about that, but it sounded smart, or maybe serious.


When you think about your favorite funny person, or maybe a comedian that gets you every time, who do you think about? Chances are that one of the people of your list is from Illinois. That DOES NOT come with a punchline, I'm serious!

The Alliance For Children's Rights' Right To Laugh Benefit - Inside
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Oh look, a funny person from Rockford...She doesn't make our list of Seven Iconic, and Incredibly Funny People From Illinois...She's too cool for Rockford, it's part of her gimmick. Hilarious, right?

So lets' take a look at the Top Seven Funny People From Illinois. There are some REALLY iconic comedians, including Richard Pryor and Robin Williams...that right there is two of the best ever! Oh, and Betty White is from Oak Park, Illinois. Geez, three icons.

The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Show
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So here is the Top Seven Iconic, and Incredibly Funny People From Illinois. I think Kathy got cancelled or something?? Still a witty comedian though, enjoy!

Seven Incredibly Funny People From Illinois


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