Do you know how Costco is cracking down on those who share a membership?

Did you know Costco has changed the rules to stop people from getting food at their concession stand without a membership?

What if you could do both at Costco even without a membership?

If you have the Instacart app, you're halfway there.


Just search for Costco, and you'll see all the goodies they offer, but usually only for those with a membership.

From there, start loading up your cart with everything you want from Costco.

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Add a famous Costco rotisserie chicken to the cart if you want to try it.


Do you want a cheap hot dog, a pair of pants, or a book? The only thing you can't order are the free samples.

Add it, and Instacart will deliver it straight to your front door.

The Instacart employee goes to Costco to get your stuff and brings it to your place—no membership is required.

You can also do the same thing with Instacart at Sam's Club.

Of course, there is a "too good to be too true" component of this "Costco hack."

If you've used Instacart in the past, you will notice they typically raise the prices higher than you would find inside the store.

The same goes for items purchased at Costco.

That said, getting your hands on one of those Costco rotisserie chickens is probably still worth the extra few dollars.

You could also go to Costco and get a membership. The nearest location is 5000 Stadium Drive in Loves Park.

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