What time did you last look at your work email last night? It was probably a lot later than you used to... maybe it's time to disconnect. 

The last almost two years have been the craziest in recent history, in all categories of life, especially in regards to work-life and work-life balance.

Pre-COVID, most people (I know there are exceptions) went to work and then went home and felt like the work day was over.

Or if you were working at night, it was on purpose... not just because someone was emailing you work related content at night.

But now? When does the work day really start and end? Who knows!

Our neighbors to the (far) North are considering a 'Right to Disconnect' Law in Canada. They're borrowing this idea from the French, who adopted this law in 2016 which gives workers the right to 'turn off electronic work devices outside of business hours,' according to The Winnipeg Free Press.  

I think you have to dig deep on this one. Are we talking banning the ability for your boss or co-workers to send you work related emails after 5pm or before 8am? OR are we talking you don't have to explain why you haven't answered them outside of those hours?

This is a toughie, especially when you factor in all of the other elements the last two years have brought our way, including school and childcare cancelations, for some people with all those items in the air, working outside of traditional hours makes the most sense.

What do you think?

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