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There's a residential street in Rockford that has a sinkhole that would eat your car. Not just take a bite or nibble on your tire, I'm talking eat that thing and laugh at you. Chalet Court from Eastlawn Drive to Alpine Park Drive will be closed until Wednesday at the earliest, while crews repair the road damage. My Stateline

There once was a sinkhole off of Brendenwood that was in the shape of Texas, and about the size of Texas as well. I narrowly escaped driving into it, and escaped to drive away safely. By the time I came back that way an hour later, there was cones and tape set up.

How does a sinkhole happen? If rainwater builds up with nowhere to run off, it will start to build up UNDERGROUND which has the power to eat away at the ground and rock. The hole will continue to build and grow until one day, boom. Sinkhole, people.

Now on the other hand, humans can cause sinkholes as well. If there is an issue with the building of a sewer system, anything below, it can compromise the integrity of the actual ground...not good. Business Insider

 While the sinkhole on Chalet Court from Eastlawn Drive to Alpine Park Drive roads will be fixed in no time, let's take a look at the biggest sinkholes around the world. These things are ridiculous and make the Rockford roads seem pretty minor...

Here are "The Top Five Largest Sinkholes in the World."

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