There's a lot about kids that I don't understand but in my defense, I don't have any. However, when it comes to watching friend's kids, I have been tasked with that responsibility a few times. Disney + has made things a little easier but I don't like the kids just sitting around watching the television. Whenever I ask if there's something they would like to do for fun, 99% of the time, they wanna make slime. It's a really weird obsession these kids have. Look we had play-doh, silly putty, and even slime when I was growing up, but I don't ever remember them being as important as slime is to kids now a days.

It has gotten so big, there's usually an aisle just for slime stuff in the toy section. From glitter to glow in the dark, seems like you can find just about anything to make different variations of slime.

Rockford Public Library also understands the slime craze, that's why they are hosting Slime Fest March 16th - 19th. Every day will be a different slime! Glitter, fluffy, glow in the dark, and color changing. No registration is required for the event either! If you're looking for a way to keep the kids occupied over Spring Break and don't want them making slime at home and cause a mess,  check out Slime Fest at Rockford Public Library.

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