Saturday Night Live is my favorite show, but it has been lacking laughs so far this year, until this weekend.

Cameron Diaz hosted the show with Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson as amazing musical guests, but the standout part of the show was the first skit.

A music video with the Back Home Ballers, the ladies of Saturday Night Live (+ Cameron) describing what it's like to go home for Thanksgiving at your parents house.

Technically I live with my parents, but that doesn't mean I can't relate to this. It reminded me of being in college and coming home for the holidays and immediately going in the fridge. Because that's what you do when you go to mom's house, right? You investigate the leftover situation.

I laughed so hard on the treadmill watching this before work this morning I almost fell off. Especially when they went to tell us about the Wi-Fi passwords.

I'm under the impression everyone over the age of 55 doesn't realize you can change your Wi-Fi password. It doesn't need to be 0000000zzzicmgkT8674NBS.

Are you reading this, dad? You can change it.

Hopefully this week's episode is a sign that the rest of the season will be better than the first half!

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