When it comes to snow sculpting, I'm a rookie at best. I can do a three ball snowman but it's nothing anyone is going to write home about. I've always admired those with artistic skills when it comes to things like that. Whether is building elaborate sand castle or amazing snow sculptures, it's fun to see their minds take flight and see how they take a mound of snow and make it come to life.

The Rockford Park District will be hosting the 34th Annual Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition from January 22-25 at Sinnissippi Park. Admission is free but donations are welcomed. You are free to walk or drive through to view all the amazing sculptures. Wednesday is for state teams and Thursday is for high school teams according to Rockford Park District's website.

I only hope that the weather agrees with them so what they make doesn't melt too soon and that they have enough snow to create some of these sculptures. Best of luck to all involved, I know everything you make will look better than anything I could do.

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