It's a crazy time so it makes sense that something like this would occur.

Perusing my favorite subreddit, r/Rockford on Reddit, I noticed this just yesterday:

At about 4:40pm I was turning onto N Main Street from the Bauer Bridge when I saw a guy on the southwest corner playing a bagpipe! I was in a hurry else I would have gone back to do a video of him. He was wearing a cap and kilts. I have no idea what it was about.

The mystery man unveiled himself a few hours later and said:

That's me - I also like the speedway campground for street piping. No kilt tho yest, but piper hat yes. Its nice - people like it, haven't heard any boos.

How do you "boo" a man just trying to practice the bagpipe? In this day and age, you've got to give the guy credit for just going outside.

Apparently, this isn't the first sighting of the guy either:

Is there any chance you're also the Piper that has been on 173, west of the I-90 exit on that partial drive that troopers routinely sit at? Last year I saw a fella there enough times that I was telling people the "holy sh**, that random bag Piper was back" story.

The bagpipe practicer even replied back to that comment too, saying:

Yes, I was there yesterday also.. That's where I let the sh***y piping out (practice).

This dude is just another reason to love Rockford.

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