If you like to celebrate Halloween and love the decorations that go along with the festive fall holiday, you may not want to move to a part of Sycamore.

A mobile home park in Sycamore has informed some of it's residents that they cannot display Halloween decorations....at least until Oct 17th. According to a notice received by a resident:


The notice was issued to a resident of Edgebrook Mobile Home Park in Sycamore who told us :

I put my stuff up 2 weeks ago and I just got this note. Another person in the neighborhood got one too and she just had a pumpkin flag up.


Ironically, Sycamore is home to one of the biggest annual Halloween celebrations in our area, the annual Sycamore Pumpkin Festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors every October. Hundreds of residents throughout Sycamore put up pumpkin flags to celebrate the event.

Here is a photo of what the Sycamore Pumpkin Flag looks like:

Some Sycamore Residents Receive Warnings to Take Down Their Halloween Decorations
Pumpkin Flag Photo provided by Kevin Smrz

(Note: Kevin was NOT the person who received the notice by the mobile home park)

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