Starbucks, how could you do this to us.

Starbucks has been flirting with delivery for quite some time now.

Almost monthly we hear a rumor that Starbucks will bring coffee straight to our desks and then when Starbucks finally sends you an email saying they deliver... it's a lie.

Yes, that was the email I got from Starbucks yesterday and I WAS SO EXCITED.

Are you telling me instead of bundling up and driving down E. State I could order my skinny vanilla latte to the radio station?

No, Starbucks you didn't.


Because after opening the email, I come to find that Starbucks is delivering in like four cities and the closest one is in Chicago.



Like, c'mon, Starbucks, don't tell me you deliver in the subject of the email when you know I live in Rockford.

Also, I've never lived in Chicago, so this isn't like when Pandora gave me ads for grocery stores near my parents when I lived in LA.

Starbucks, I'll never leave you but please don't lie to me again, thanks.

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