Get your Kleenex ready for a story about how a mother honors her son each year in the sweetest way ever.

I can't imagine losing a child, but I can imagine that if you do go through such a tragedy, you need to find a way to honor the legacy of your loved one.

That's exactly what Megs is doing with Brody's Flowers.

Megs lost her son Brody in motorcycle accident six years ago this April and each year she honors her son's memory through Brody's Flowers.

Why flowers? When Brody was in 8th grade, he raised enough money to buy geraniums to all of the mothers in a local nursing home, so each year his mom raises money to buy flowers for other mothers in similar facilities, and this year she's adding baby dolls for mother's in memory care facilities.

Reading Megs posts on the Brody's Flower Facebook page will fill you with chills and all kinds of emotions.

She's already raised over $3500 and that number just keeps growing, I have a feeling she'll reach her goal of $5,000 and so much more on top of that.

What an incredible way to honor Brody, you can donate here.

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