This is a new one! Don't fall for this scam, it it could cost you.

DeKalb Police have issued a warning about a group of scammers from a company that refer to it self as ABC Tree Service. These individuals are going door to door in the City of DeKalb, pretending to be a tree trimming service. What they are actually doing is stealing from homeowners and home renters.

DeKalb police say they receive a report from citizens saying that the tree service is representing the City of DeKalb and that they are there to trim trees on the homeowners property.

The workers then ask the homeowners to exit their home so that the workers can show the homeowners the trees that supposedly need trimming. When the homeowner walks into the back yard, the home is robbed by other workers from ABC Tree service.

According to police, the worker:

Walked the homeowners into the backyard while talking on a radio, in Spanish, with a third, unknown person. When the homeowners returned to the house, they found they had items stolen. A witness saw two male/whites and one male/black enter the home, via the front door, while the homeowners were in the backyard.

The City of DeKalb wants to let residents know that the city does NOT have anyone contracted to trim trees at this time.

We have not got received reports from other communities in the Stateline area where this scam is taking place., but scams like this often spread.