If you look like Steph Curry and can ball almost as well as he does, you could end up on TV.

This could be best described as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,


I saw this on Project Casting, where the job opening was titled Steph Curry's 'Mr. Throwback' Open Casting Call.

This shocked me, as I thought I kept reasonably up to date with movies and TV, but somehow, this flew under the radar.

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According to the posting, Mr. Throwback "will star NBA superstar Steph Curry, and we are looking for a talented young actor to portray him at age 12."


Filming in Chicago, casting directors want someone with more basketball skill than acting talent, saying, "Experience is not mandatory but helpful."

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The most important thing to me is finding someone who resembles Steph and the locality of it all.


Casting directors are looking for someone local to Chicago or, at the very least, someone willing to relocate for the duration of the filming.

Other perks of the gig include working closely with the director and the rest of the cast, going to costume fittings and rehearsals, and paling around with Steph.

The listing says they offer "competitive pay" and "travel and accommodations" if necessary.

If you or someone you know is between the ages of 11 and 13, can ball and looks like a young Steph Curry, this job is an absolute slam dunk.

Apply for the job now on the Project Casting website.

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