Seriously, how does someone make off with a giant sign like this?

Bikers, Punks, Goths and Rockers

For nearly 50 years, The Alley Chicago has been the go-to place for everything from leather to spikes to boots and more.

Inside The Alley Chicago
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"The Alley Chicago through years of dedication and determination has become the Midwest's premier one-stop shop for bikers, punks, goths, rockers and all other alternative lifestyles," the store boasts on its website.

The Alley Chicago, 2620 West Fletcher Street, will celebrate 48 years in business next month.

Counter area inside The Alley Chicago
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In case you hadn't noticed, there aren't many stores around the Midwest where you can walk-in and stock up on the latest leather fashion or possibly a spiked collar. The Alley Chicago's social media often highlights customers who have traveled hundreds of miles to visit the iconic store.

Unfortunately, a recent theft may make the store a little difficult to find for future visitors.

The Alley Chicago Sign Stolen

Early last week, The Alley Chicago put out an urgent message on social media in hopes of getting its stolen sign back.

For years, shoppers at the former Belmont and Clark location were greeted by a huge "The Alley" over the store's front door. Each individual letter was attached to the building's facade.

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According to The Alley Chicago Instagram, a company removed the sign when the store moved a little more than a mile to its currently Fletcher Street location. The letters allegedly went missing sometime after they came down from the storefront and were being stored between two buildings

"It's near and dear to my heart," the Instagram post says. "What a douche bag."

The Alley Chicago is currently offering a $1,000 if the sign is returned. The store also will pay $250 for information that leads to the sign's return.

It shouldn't be difficult to find. Where would you even put a sign that size?

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