Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year to order and pie, and now you can order one from a woman who's life has changed completely thanks to pie.

One of our favorite segments on Good Day Stateline is 'Stateline's Best.'

Each month we pick a different food topic and head out to find the 'Stateline's Best!.'

This month we're looking for the Stateline's Best Pie and we have four incredible women baking pies vying for the title at

One of those women is Sarah Graybill.

Sarah's story is pretty incredible. Not only are her pies delicious, but she has only been baking for a few years.

She took what she describes as a memory of her husband's mom's pies and truly turned them into a huge pie business.

She's located in Dakota, Illinois and you can still order your Thanksgiving pies from her.

Will you pie apple? Or pumpking? Or caramel-pecan apple?

I'd probaby suggest one of each.

You can keep voting for the Stateline's Best Pie until Tuesday, November 22 at noon, we'll be revealing the winner on Wednesday, November 23 at 5:30pm on Good Day Stateline during our Game Day segment!

May the best pie, win!

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