But HOW did he call them? You know you thought that at some point. SG

We've all had phone issues before. I was an Android guy for years, and all of those phones stunk. I'm currently on my second iPhone and I've had no issues with it, besides not knowing what everything does on it.

Michael Alan Skopec called 911, five times to complain that his iPhone wasn't working. O.K. knucklehead, what part of THAT ISN'T AN EMERGENCY don't you get? But, it was late, like 1am and there was booze involved...so yes it is an emergency.

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The Kendell County Sheriff's Department made a trip to Mr. Skopec's house to get him to stop the annoying calls, oh and arrest him for the dumb 911 calls and that turned into a situation.

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Once officers arrived at the home of Mr. Skopec he "refused to comply with orders from deputies." Get off your phone, put your hands behind your back and stop abusing 911, dumbass.

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Michael was charged with obstructing or resisting a peace officer, a misdemeanor. After calling them five times, he shows up and he acts a fool. C'mon, man. He was stinking like liquor and was arrested.

Kendell Co. Sheriffs Dept

I'm sure dude has a 13-14 niece or nephew that could have walked him through the iPhone problems. Whenever I have an issue with my iPhone, it's a 10 year old that helps me...and I don't feel the least bit bad about it!


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