Forty five minutes is a pretty quick ride to grab brunch at one of the top spots in the United States according to Yelp!

It's always fun to see one of your favorite restaurants snag a spot on a list like this!

Yelp! kicked off May, which I believe is probably the biggest month for brunch-ing, by releasing a list of the top 100 brunch spots in the United States.

So of course you look at the list and you're thinking about all the delicious food you're planning to devour on your next trip to Hawaii... or Arizona, or heck, Chicago.

But then... you scroll to number 20 and OMG it's Eggsclusive Cafe in Sycamore!

That's right, a local hot brunch spot scored an awesome spot on the list, with only one Illinois restaurants coming ahead of it, The Baked Apple Breakfast Co. in Downers Grove.

So that's about a 90 minute drive from Rockford, which is still decent for an epic brunch, but that Sycamore spot, that's only 45 minutes.

Who's coming for some Eggsclusive brunch??

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